The Mission

A Mission for Me?

“Has the mail arrived yet, Private?” asked General MacArthur.

“Yes, sir. It’s right here, ” answered private Jim Property.

“Good, I’m expecting a letter from my wife.” The General opened the letter and read it to himeself.

Dear Arty,

The flowers you sent me were so pretty (even though they attract bees). I had a lot of fun last week. I have more fun with you that my grumpy old husband. When cn I see you again?

Snookie Wookie

The General was almost in tears when he read the letter. “Colonel Sanders!” he shouted.

“What is it, General?” asked sanders.

“Who in our platoon is named Arty?”

“Well, it could be “Arthur Richmond.”

“Tell him to come and see me immediately.”

“Yess Sir.”

Colonel Sanders went to get Arthur Richmond. He brought him back to General MacArthur.

“You wanted to see me, Sir?” asked Arthur.

“Yes. I have a mission for you,” said the General.

“A mission … for me?” asked Arthur. “Why?”

“Yes, a secret mission that no one must know about.” I’m sending you because I think you’re good enough. I also think you can do it alone.”

“Wow! Okay I’ll do it.”

“Good, pack up your gear, you leave in the morning at 0400 hours.” Remember it’s a secret.”

Arthur got up very early and started off on his journey. He walked towards the destination of the enemy fortress but as he crossed the enemy lines he was immediately gunned down by enemy snipers.

Back at headquarters, General MacArthur was in the mess hall eating his pancakes, scrambled eggs, scrapple and orange juice, thinking everything was going to be alright. Everything wasn’t alright though. It turned out that the scrapple was left out over night unwrapped. So after four nights in the hospital for salmenela poisoning, General MacArthur was glad for what he did.