Medicine Mishaps

Medecine Mishaps

One day my family and I took a trip to the circus. We rode the “Cheap Thrill” roller coaster and the teacups. Then my little brother started getting his reoccurring headaches. Mom gave him his prescription medication and bought him a bottle of vodka to wash it down.

Later on we visited the freak show. I saw all kinds of freaks that day. The Sixteen Fingered Man, Bird Boy, the Amazing Monkey-faced Guy, and the “Original Bearded Lady.” The sign on the cage said not to feed the freaks, but Mr. Mammoth Head asked me for an Aspirin. I didn’t have one on me so I picked up my brother’s medication that my mother dropped on the ground where any little kid could find it and I shared it with the freak.

It was getting pretty late so we made our last stop at Midget Land and got our laughs at the sights we saw. There must have been 100 midgets there. All of them working or doing whatever midgets do. My little sister then began to cry when two midgets started to fight. The Ring Master soon came to break up the rumble. He sent the two midgets to their rooms without their 6:00 meal. I felt bad for them.

On the car ride home, Grandpa started to get fidgety and needed his medication. ” I need my insulin,” screamed grandpa!

” I’ll get it. I’ll get it. Settle down,” said mom.

” I need my insulin! I need my insulin!”

” OOPS, I must have left it at home. I remember there was just no room in my fanny pack for it with all the money, baby wipes, and granola bars I brought.”

Well grandpa died after that and boy was I sad. But the next day it seemed kind of humorous and we all had a good laugh at breakfast that morning. I had Froot Loops.