This is a story about three boys who love to fish. They fish just about everyday of their lives. Today they decided to try a new place besides Frank’s Lake, where they normally go. They went to a little pond about 2 miles away and picked a good spot. They’ve been fishing for about an hour and haven’t caught a thing except and old yogurt container.

It was getting late and the boys were just about to pack up when all the sudden Irving felt a tug on his line. He reeled in his catch and on the end was a small little fish unlike any they’ve ever seen. “What is that thing,” asked Melvin? “Who cares throw it back and let’s go,” said Bruce. Just as Irving was about to throw the small and rather smelly fish back into the pond, it began to talk. “Well you guys caught me, so I’ll give you three wishes,” said the fish. “Three wishes, cool,” exclaimed Bruce! “I’ll go first. I wish I had a big plate of roast beef! Oh yeah and some cranberry juice, too,” said Irving. The fish closed his eyes and flapped his tail and the plate of roast beef appeared in front of Irving. “My turn! I wish I had big can of silly string to squirt Bruce with,” asked Melvin. The fish closed his eyes and flapped his tail and a can of silly string was in front of Melvin. He picked up the can and sprayed Bruce all over. “You jerk! I wish I had a permanent marker,” said Bruce. The fish closed his eyes flapped his tail and the marker was in Bruce’s hand. He took off the cap and wrote all over Melvin. “I hope you guys know, you just wasted three perfectly good wishes. You could have wished for money, a car, fame…anything,” screamed the fish!

“We didn’t think about that,” said Irving. The fish jumped back into the water laughing all the way. The boys thought about the mistake they made and wanted the fish to come back. They spent days and days fishing, trying to catch the fish again. After eight days of trying they gave up. For the rest of their lives they would never forget that day and what they could have had. After that day they never fished again.

If you ever catch a fish that grants you wishes, make your wishes wisely and greedily. One more thing… the boys were using stale pretzels and guide cheese for bait. Perhaps that is the key for catching a wish granting fish.