Career Builder Says I’m …

By nature, you are inclined to be highly outgoing, assertive and sociable. You will generally have little difficulty expressing yourself, working with others or functioning in group settings. In addition, you are likely to take a dominant or lead role in many situations. As a result, you may tend to seek out situations in which you can relate with and influence others.Innovative
You tend to be open-minded, imaginative and curious. You are likely to feel comfortable in roles which enable you to try out novel approaches, ideas and methods. At the same time, you may prefer to steer clear of environments which are highly routine or bureaucratic, as they depend upon individuals who prefer to stick to well-established rules and procedures.

Overall, you are likely to deal with most routine problems and situations with comfort, inner strength and resilience. While you may experience some heightened stress at times and would benefit from a management approach which is supportive, you will generally exhibit the resilience required to deal with these conditions and to move forward.

Very Accommodating
In dealing with others, you are generally considered to be warm-hearted, trusting and good natured. Others will be inclined to view you as someone who is eager to provide assistance, to cooperate and, wherever possible, to avoid conflicts. As a result, you may want to seek out opportunities in which you can demonstrate your compassion and concern for others – and avoid competitive or confrontational situations in which others might take advantage of your good nature.

You are likely to be diligent and dependable, particularly when tasks are interesting and priorities and expectations are well-defined. At the same time, you may become bored or distracted with tasks that are overly routine or repetitive. As a result, you may want to seek out work environments in which there are opportunities to engage in a variety of activities and tasks. In addition, you may find it valuable to periodically review expectations with supervisors or others to make sure that your understanding of priorities are consistent with the needs of the organization.