BOOM! was the sound made when Steven’s house exploded. Steven was obviously angry with Gary for making his home a blazing inferno. He knew it was Gary because he’s the one who always told him, “one day I’m going to blow up your house.”

Steven confronted Gary the day after the incident. He asked Gary if he knew anything about the demolition. Gary immediately said he didn’t use 47 punds of plastic explosives to set steven’s house ablaze. For some reason steven didn’t believe him.

The two guys bickered and fought all weekend. Steven threatened to sue Gary. Gary threatened to dog-nap the one of his three remaining dalmatians. The two guys just couldn’t seem to come up with an agreement.

Weeks went by and they were still arguing about the silly little plastic explosives in the living room thing. Finally Steven sued Gary. Sure enough, Gary dog-napped Cindy, Steven’s dalmatian. Despite Gary’s footprints and prescription medicine and the note reading, “I hate you Steven so I’m gonna set your house on fire, Love Gary,” found at the scene, the American legal system let him free.

The next day Steven called Gary and asked him why he hated him. Gary told him he was jealous of his over-sized beautifully landscaped and nicely painted 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath central heat rancher. Steven then told Gary he would get his friend’s cousin’s roommate to build him a new house when he got his new one built. Gary liked that idea and agreed. The only thing he had to do was turn himself in to the police.

Gary turned himself in, went to jail for a thirty to life or $1,000,000 bail and Cindy was returned to Steven. In the end Gary and Steven became good friends. Gary even hooked Steven up with Pearl the prison guard. They all lived happily ever after, except Cindy who through all the comotion wasn’t fed properly. The End.